Proper use and troubleshooting of electric bicycle chargers

To use an electric bicycle battery for a long time, you must have a good quality charger. Poor quality chargers can lead to undercharging or overcharging, both of which can shorten the battery’s service life. This affects the life of the electric bicycle. This is especially true for lead-acid batteries. Long-term undercharge will cause the lead sulfate crystals to become larger, so that the lead plate sulfide, shortening the life of the battery. Overcharging of the charger will lead to increased internal resistance of the battery, battery drum, and even lead to spontaneous combustion of the electric bicycle charging, resulting in fire.

Proper use of the charger

1. The charger with built-in fan cooling method, there will be a certain noise when working (i.e. the sound of airflow when the fan blades are rotating), which is a normal phenomenon.

2. When charging, you should first plug in the plug connected to the battery, and then plug in the AC power plug. After charging, the AC power plug should be unplugged first, and then unplug the plug connected to the battery.

3. There is high voltage inside the charger, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble it by yourself; do not touch the power plug with wet hands, and do not use it in a humid, flammable and explosive gas environment.

4. When the charger is working, it will generate certain heat, please pay attention to ventilation, and forbid to cover the charger with foreign objects; please do not carry it with the car to avoid damage. Prohibit the charging of non-rechargeable batteries.

5. The charger should be cut off immediately if there is smoke, burnt smell and other abnormalities during the use of the charger. Charger failure, do not repair without authorization, must return to the manufacturer for repair.

6. Purchase high-quality batteries. In the battery purchase is best to choose a good reputation, good quality, specializing in the production of battery manufacturers to produce products, so that the product to buy with confidence, with comfort.

Common failures

1. the indicator light keeps showing green when charging, the reasons may be: the charger and the battery end is not connected, the charger output line is disconnected, the battery box internal connection line is disconnected, the battery box fuse is burned, the battery itself is damaged, the charger red light-emitting tube is damaged or faulty.

2. red light can not turn green when charging, the reason may be: single battery damage resulting in low voltage, battery serious water loss current is too large, battery temperature is too high battery leakage is too large, the charger itself damage caused by voltage loss control.

3. the indicator light does not light up, the reason is that the charger is damaged or the indicator light is damaged.

4. Fan noise or does not turn, the reason is that the fan is damaged or circuit failure.

In short, the charger as a functional accessory components of electric bicycle, the damage rate is higher than other parts, in addition to the product itself, “vibration damage” and “water in the rain” are the two most common causes of failure of the charger, in the manufacturers to improve product quality Under the premise of improving product quality, users should also avoid the above problems.

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