How to eliminate the safety hazards of electric bicycle batteries?

In recent years, with the gradual popularity of electric bicycle vehicles, electric bicycle spontaneous combustion has occurred repeatedly, here, GHstore, an electric bicycle service provider, reminds readers that when buying an electric bicycle or replacing the battery must be careful to check the production label of the battery and various related information, including the manufacturer, date of appearance, etc., to avoid buying counterfeit products that cause unnecessary Economic losses!

So what issues should be noted when using the battery?

1. When charging the electric bicycle must not overtime or overcharge, the light will affect the service life of the battery, serious accidents such as explosions, and when replacing the battery must choose the battery that matches your electric bicycle.

2. Good battery should also pay attention to maintenance and repair. When there is a failure, do not save yourself disassembly.

3. It is strictly forbidden to modify the vehicle at will, each car produced by the regular manufacturers is carefully designed, random modifications are likely to make the safety performance of electric bicycles receive a lot of damage.

4. Greed for cheap is often more loss than gain. So we must not ignore the importance of the brand to save money when selecting the battery, although you can not blindly follow the brand name, but at least consider the brand’s market influence, the safest way or to buy a good reputation, good quality, specializing in battery production of the old brand products, so that the product to buy with confidence, with comfort.

Summer temperatures are high, we must pay attention to safety!

1. Pay attention to the environment around the charging

Summer is here, do not charge the battery in direct sunlight, the temperature is too high, not only to the charger is not good, more harmful to the battery, the charger is a power product, the work of heat, plus charging in a high temperature place “hot on heating”, to be hot to a certain temperature, the charging parameters will “cross the track “, the circuit board generates heat, burning paste scorched, reducing life! Do not charge in places with high humidity, it is best to charge in a dry and ventilated cool place, the charger must not have a cover above, affecting the ventilation!

2. Charging the correct connection method

Charging method is very important, no matter how to charge, can charge up on the line, in fact, is incorrect, will shorten the life of the battery, the correct plugging method is: ready to charge first insert the charging plug after plugging the power plug, the end of charging first pull the power plug in pulling the charging plug. The advantages of doing so are: to ensure the stability of the battery voltage, prolong the life of the battery, voltage stabilization and current stabilization.

Electric bicycle battery life and your usual charging has a certain relationship, the correct charging method can make the battery more durable, hold up longer, not to say that the battery is not durable, your daily charging method to do the right thing?

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