How to deal with the water inflow of electric bicycle?

The rainy season has arrived, and many countries and regions are experiencing heavy rainfall, which seriously affects residents’ travel. Even cars can’t avoid stalling in the middle of the road, let alone electric bicycles. Once the rainstorm invades the city, how to prevent the electric bicycle from entering the water? How to remedy the situation after water ingress?

The controller, battery and motor are the core components of an electric bicycle, and they are the three most important parts that need to be waterproof. Although the waterproof technology of electric bicycle companies is improving, it is recommended not to choose electric bicycles for travel or parking outdoors on rainy days if not necessary.

Among them, the controller and motor are more likely to be damaged after water ingress. There are three main effects of electric bicycle flooding: first, the controller into the water and directly lead to controller burn; second, if the motor into the water, then the joints will short circuit, especially the water level is very deep; third, the battery box into the water, will directly lead to positive and negative short circuit, the minor consequence is to damage the battery, the most serious consequences are directly lead to battery burn or even explosion.

Rainy day driving water depth is the key. In the case of not more than half of the electric wheel electric bicycle is able to drive normally. Many electric bicycles are still placed outside for charging in rainy days. If rainwater enters the charger, it can easily lead to a short circuit and burn the charger. If it is too late to move the car into the carport, you should cut off the power or cover it with rain gear to ensure that the power plug and charger do not get wet.

If the electric bicycle accidentally into the water is not helpless.

It is worth noting that electric bicycle batteries should never be charged immediately after being wet by rain, and must be placed in a ventilated place to dry before charging. Because the controller is susceptible to short-circuiting and loss of control. Electric bicycle controller water easy to cause motor reversal, electric bicycle in serious immersion, you can remove the controller dry inside the water, dry it with a hair dryer and then installed on it, pay attention to the installation after the best plastic controller wrapped up, to increase the waterproof ability.

In addition, the electric bike wading ride, the water resistance is very large, easy to cause balance out of control: and once encountered by the water topping the manhole cover, it is very dangerous. Therefore, it is better to get off and push when you encounter waterlogged roads.

As we all know, the life of electric bicycle is generally not long, but good maintenance can definitely extend the life of electric bicycle, greatly reduce the electric bicycle riding hidden danger. Therefore, it is advisable to send the waterlogged e-bike to a special maintenance point for testing and repair.

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