Electric scooter power and control mode analysis

Fashionable and portable features make electric scooters liked by more and more people, power and control mode is an important consideration for people to buy electric scooters, the following author will discuss the power and control mode of electric scooters

Electric scooter motor power

Electric scooter motor power selection is very important, it is related to the performance of the electric scooter, generally mainly related to wheel diameter, speed, torque and other factors. The electric scooter with high power is faster and more powerful, but this does not mean that the more power the better, the power of the electric scooter should match the body design, otherwise the power is wasted.

Electric scooter motor power the greater the better?

The power of the electric scooter has a great impact, some friends will try to choose high-powered products, but in fact, the power of the electric scooter is not the greater the better.

Generally speaking, the greater the power of the electric scooter motor, the greater its torque, reflected in the use of faster, more powerful, such as the same voltage and current, 250W electric scooter, its top speed is about 20km / h, may be fully charged will be more than 20km / h a little; 350W electric scooter top speed in about 30km / h.

However, high-powered motor double fruit and electric scooter body design is not four paintings, will also cause the power of the wave table, not run so high power. Usually each motor has an optimal power interval, this is related to the output curve of the motor, the general cruising speed of the output power just in this optimal interval.

Electric scooter motor control mode

There are two main control methods for electric scooter motors.

1、Square wave control

Square wave control in the case of no load turn a little, the motor will accelerate a little, in the case of load start there is a huge noise, and start more impulsive, not suitable for control.

2、Sine wave control

Sine wave control is a slight turn of the handlebar under no load, the motor starts softly and smoothly, and continues to accelerate to the highest speed, and starts softly under load without rushing, and no abnormal noise, quiet and comfortable.

The two control methods have their own advantages, sine wave control comfortable control, linear acceleration, higher cost, start power saving, small sound; square wave control simple and brutal, cheap and stable, acceleration straight, start punch, cruise power saving, overall it is recommended to choose the sine wave control.

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