5 Maintenance Tips for Newly Purchased Electric Bicycles

Nowadays, electric bicycles are quite popular and have become the most commonly used transportation and recreational tool in our daily lives. More and more people are choosing to buy new electric bikes as well. Taking good care of your e-bike is not only a guarantee for your safe travel, but also can extend the service life of your e-bike. Today, e-bike professionals will share with you how to maintain your newly purchased e-bike?

1. When you buy an electric bicycle, you should consult the salesperson of the electric bicycle in detail about the performance and power consumption of the car, and read the manual of the electric bicycle carefully. When you buy a new e-bike, you should do a closer inspection of it.

2. When you buy a new e-bike, make sure the battery is full. Try to empty the battery during the first few rides, and then continue to fill it up. Review the new e-bike after a period of riding and make appropriate adjustments to the various parts of the e-bike. Anti-rust treatment can be applied to the e-bike if necessary. It is recommended that you check your e-bike once a month to ensure safe travel.

3. Before each ride, you should check the pressure of the e-bike tires and pay attention to the change of pressure, too much pressure and too little pressure are not suitable for riding. When starting in front of the electric bicycle, because of the large power consumption, try to start with the motor and use the foot pedal to assist. After the start try to do slow acceleration, this can protect the battery and extend the battery life.

4. Try to brake in advance when you encounter danger, avoid emergency braking and protect the braking device. Do not ride fast and slow, increasing the number of re-acceleration. Faster and slower will lead to too fast power consumption. Brake in time to avoid big obstacles, avoid big bumps of the electric bike and protect the parts from vibration.

5. Charge in time after riding. When charging, try to fill the battery and then keep it on a two-hour float charge. Make sure the battery is full, but the charging time should not be too long. In special cases, when the power is depleted and charging cannot be done in time, the power should be turned off immediately and pedaling should be used.

The key to the maintenance of electric bicycles is the daily care, pay attention to the details, in order to better play the performance of electric bicycles, better extend his service life, but also send yourself a safety.

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