3 parts affect the climbing ability of electric bikes

Often, the speed of electric bicycle slows down when climbing, and some electric bicycles can’t climb at all. In fact, the climbing ability of electric bicycle depends on 3 main parts: tires, battery and motor.

I. Non-slip vacuum tires

Electric bicycles use vacuum tires to adapt better to asphalt and concrete roads, even if there is water on the road, they can maintain strong adhesion and have good stability performance, while ordinary electric bicycle tires, which are solid tires, have bad adhesion to the road and are not ideal for anti-skid, so most of the electric bicycles that can climb hills now use anti-skid vacuum tires.

What do you mean by vacuum tires? The vacuum tires mentioned here are like the tires on top of the car, such tires have no inner tube, however, the tubeless tires are much thicker than the general inner tube type tires, and the surface has a layer of high quality rubber, after inflation, the exterior tension increases, forming a certain pressure on the inner surface, improving the self-sealing ability of the break, once punctured, unlike ordinary car tires, the gas will last for a certain period of time, unlike ordinary car tires where the gas is all leaked out in an instant. Guarantee the high speed driving completely. Vacuum tires are better anti-skid, grip firm, can ensure that the electric bicycle in the uphill, can steadily grip the ground, making the electric bicycle climbing easier.

2. large capacity battery

Research shows that the larger the battery capacity of an electric bicycle, the more powerful it can be. So a good climbing electric bicycle in the battery requirements will be very high, the same electric bicycle 48V12AH battery than 36V12AH battery climbing ability is certainly strong.

3. high efficiency and high performance motor

The motor of an electric bicycle is a very important part of the battery, usually the battery of a big brand of electric bicycle is used outside the manufacturer’s battery, and the motor is its own motor, the motor efficiency directly affects the power of the electric bicycle. If the electric bike motor overheats when the electric bike is under load or climbing a hill, it means that the rated power of the electric bike motor is too small and the battery discharge is too large, causing the electric bike motor to heat up. It can even be said that the level of motor technology is a very strong proof of the quality of the electric bicycle brand.

The above introduction climbing good electric bicycle necessary parts, does not include all the elements. To keep the good performance of electric bicycle, the maintenance of electric bicycle should also be done. I am here to briefly list a few, only for the reader’s reference.

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